Blog: Public Rapid Software Testing Classes, Calgary and Berlin

I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be doing a one-hour lunchtime presentation on test framing for the Software Quality Discussion Group in Calgary, February 10, 2011. The session is free! However, space is limited to the first 50 people who register, so don’t delay.

I’ll be in Calgary to present a public offering of Rapid Software Testing class, February 7-9, 2011. It’s being organized by Nancy Kelln of Unimagined Testing and Lynn McKee of Quality Perspectives. . There are still a few days left to register; information is available here. Here’s what one of the participants said about the last Calgary class:

“The Rapid Software Testing course that I attended in June definitely surpassed my expectations. As an experienced tester I was becoming rather disillusioned of the so called ‘Tried and True’ methods of software testing and was really looking for something that resembled, well, reality. So now, instead of spending my time writing test cases, writing reports that no one reads and chasing down Product Specs and Feature Specs I test. What an amazing concept—have the tester do testing! It has freed up an enormous amount of time and, therefore, the testing is far more productive. Potential ‘show stoppers’ are being found earlier on in the test schedule and test coverage has also improved greatly. More time is spent on important matters and less time trying to hit a number target (i.e. 90% testing complete, 95% pass rate, etc.). The focus has returned to the task at hand (testing) and there is less focus on reporting (counting). That also allows for the tester to move into a more co-development role to assist with the implementation of new features and functionality. I’m happy, the devs are happy, the customer is happy and the boss is happy—Thanks Michael!”

Blair Burke, B.Sc., Software Tester, Print Audit, Inc.
September, 2010

Over on the other side of the Atlantic, Testing Experience presents another public offering of Rapid Software Testing in Berlin, March 16-18, 2011. Register for that class here.

Drop me a line if you’re in either town around those times, and let’s try to find time to meet!

Want to know more? Learn about upcoming Rapid Software Testing classes here.

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