Blog: Rapid Software Testing Public Events in Europe

It’s a busy season in Europe for Rapid Testing this spring.

I’m going to be at the Norwegian Computer Society’s FreeTest, a conference on free testing tools in Trondheim, Norway, where I’ll be giving a keynote talk on testing vs. checking on March 26.  That’s preceded by a three-day public session of Rapid Software Testing, from March 23-25.  Register here.

After that I’m off to Germany for a three-day public offering of Rapid Software Testing in Berlin, sponsored by Testing Experience.  That class happens March 29-31.  Can’t make it yourself?  Please spread the word!

Stephen Allott at Electromind is setting up a three-day Rapid Software Testing class that I’ll teach in London, May 11-13.  There’s also a testers’ gathering to be held in some accommodating pub on Wednesday the 12th.  If you’re in the area (or can get there), I’d love the opportunity to meet and chat.  Drop a line to me for details.

While all that’s going on, my colleague James Bach will be in Sweden—delivering a public RST class for AddQ Consulting in Kista near Stockholm March 16-18; a session of Rapid Software Testing in Gothenburg March 22-24, a tutorial on Self-Education for Testers on March 25, and an appearance at the SAST conference on March 26.  That’s interspersed with a bunch of corporate consulting, after which he’ll be at the ACCU Conference in Oxford, UK April 14-17.

Want to know more? Learn about upcoming Rapid Software Testing classes here.

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