Blog: This may be my all-time favourite error message

This may just be my all-time favourite error message:

Note that the promulgator of the message doesn’t identify itself (the caption bar is helpfully labelled “DLL”); that the program to be loaded isn’t identified; that the format isn’t identified; that what you might do to fix the problem isn’t identified…

Oh, and by the way… a little detective work shows that it comes from Adobe Acrobat.

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7 responses to “This may be my all-time favourite error message”

  1. George Dinwiddie says:

    Missing story: As an end-user, I would like an error message to give me some clue how to isolate & fix a problem.

  2. Markus Gärtner says:

    There is one progression to this style of bug reporting: "It doesn't work". Almost as helpful 🙂

  3. Kevin Kapell says:

    I hit something similar today.

    "Error in processing have been generated. Please try again."

    By the way the action was accepted and there did not appear to be a problem other then the error message.

  4. Penny Wyatt says:

    I still have fond memories of the "Error: Can't print" error messages generated by Wordsworth (a word processor on the Amiga).

    We never did get printing working.

  5. Dave Kennedy says:

    I think this is my favorite error message of all time. At this time, I had one program running: notepadd++. This was, however, during my first week of using WinVista – so I secretly hoped it was in there. Since notepadd++ is opensource, I could dig through that – yep, that's where the error was. (Alas, this link appears to have vanished. —MB)

  6. Petteri Lyytinen says:

    I think my favorite error message was a confirmation dialog that said: “Error encountered while cancelling” and two buttons “OK” and “Cancel”.

    What, exactly, is supposed to happen if I click “Cancel” to an error message like that?

  7. Petteri Lyytinen says:

    Sorry, not confirmation dialog but an error dialog; I got distracted while writing that short comment.

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