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After a long summer of travelling, cottaging, teaching, learning, speaking, listening, and reading, it’s back to the blogosphere. There’s much, much more to come—but first, an announcement.

There will be a rare open-to-the public presentation of Rapid Software Testing in Minneapolis, MN, sponsored by (and to the benefit of) the Twin Cities Quality Assurance Association. The course will be presented October 7 through 9, 2008.

I’ll also be speaking at the TCQAA’s monthly meeting on Thursday the 9th, where I’ll be presenting “Six Short Talks About Software Testing”. That talk is sponsored by CH Robinson, Unisys, and SWAT Solutions, Inc.

Minneapolis is, in my experience, a very pleasant place indeed. As an added bonus for me, it has several Irish traditional music sessions each week, so I’m hoping to bring my mandolin to Kieran’s on 2nd Avenue on Wednesday night, and maybe to Merlin’s on East Lake Friday night if there are no late flights back to Toronto.

Want to know more? Learn about upcoming Rapid Software Testing classes here.

2 responses to “Rapid Software Testing in Minneapolis”

  1. Emily and Matthew says:

    Thank you for coming to speak at the October 9th TCQAA meeting! I brought topic “4” congruence bias back to my testing AND programming teams 😉

  2. Michael says:

    Thanks, Emily (or is that Matthew?).

    For those who are interested, there’s a version of the talk, much like the Minneapolis presentation, available here.


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