Blog: Secrets of the CAST Cognoscenti

(This post is here only for historical reasons. Broken links have been redacted.)

So it’s after May 31, and you’re all depressed over having missed Early Bird registration for the Conference for the Association for Software Testing.

So maybe you haven’t realized that there’s still a way to get the Early Bird rate PLUS an added benefit. If you become a member of the AST, that’s a scant fifty bucks. If you sign up for the conference at the member rate, that’s (considering the program—a dozen great track sessions, four awesome keynotes, and four enlightening tutorials) an even scanter 750 bucks. Put ’em together and you get $800—exactly the price of the Early Bird rate—plus you get the benefits of an AST membership into the bargain. Joy! Register now!

(By the way, one tutorial is already sold out with more than a month to go before the conference, but let us know if you’re interested, and maybe we can do something about that.)

Want to know more? Learn about upcoming Rapid Software Testing classes here.

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