Blog: Jessica Hagy: General Systems Thinker

If anyone asks me what general systems thinking is about, I will from henceforth point them to any Jessica Hagy index card that has an X/Y chart with an -OR- in the caption.

Or I may just point everyone to it anyway. This stuff is absolutely wonderful.

and also

Note that I spared you the by-now obligatory reminder to register for the CAST Conference. Oh, damn!–no I didn’t.

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2 responses to “Jessica Hagy: General Systems Thinker”

  1. Adam Goucher says:

    To which I follow up with From Pirate Dwarves to Ninja Elves.


  2. mirvine says:


    Thanks for the link. I’ve been trawling through this site for the last hour and it has made me laugh and think in equal measure. It’s an incredibly simple and powerful way to communicate ideas.

    Jessica’s cards are very generic. I wonder if you or perhaps any of your readers could come up with some index cards specific to Testing or Software development? I’ll start the ball rolling, shall I?

    So I may not have achieved Jessica’s zen-like mastery of the technique, but you get the idea.

    I imagine some of your readers could come up with some interesting cards…?

    – Mark

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