Blog: The Four-Day Three-Day Conference

One of the hallmarks of the Conference for the Association for Software Testing is adaptability. Each track session and keynote is followed by a facilitated discussion, and if there’s energy to continue to the discussion when the official time is up, we go into overtime and find a place for the conversation to continue. This is unlike pretty much any conference that I’ve ever been to (although to its credit, QAI did something similar for a couple of its sessions in November of 2006, and I hope they’ve been keeping it up). Conferences should be about conferring. At CAST, if people want to keep talking and learning on a particular subject, we say let’s find a way to make it happen.

In the same spirit, Jerry Weinberg‘s Monday tutorial, The Tester’s Communication Clinic, sold out with more than a month to go, so we added another day to the conference—Thursday, July 17—to give more people the opportunity to attend. There are still some spots available for this second session, and a dynamite conference to precede it. So if you haven’t done so already, get yourself registered.

Want to know more? Learn about upcoming Rapid Software Testing classes here.

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