Blog Posts from May, 2008

Six Short Talks About Software Testing

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

I’ll be doing a presentation called “Six Short Talks About Software Testing” for the Toronto Association of System and Software Quality (TASSQ) on Tuesday evening, May 27, 2008. It’ll be a 90-minute session wherein I’ll give of a six set of lightning talks, with time for questions between each one and a longer discussion afterwards.

I’ll be using a few of those minutes to talk about the CAST Conference, July 14-16 in Toronto; why I’m so excited about it; and why I think anyone who is even moderately interested in testing (not just testers, but also developers, business analysts, project managers, support people…) should attend.

Then, as is TASSQ tradition (at least when I’m in town), I’ll take the speaker to the pub afterwards, where we’ll both talk about testing and CAST some more with anyone who’d like to come along.