One thing that Michael Hunter pointed out to me after the Rapid Software Testing course, which I hereby rectify: he claimed that he couldn’t find FDSFSCURA anywhere on the Net. What is FDSFSCURA and why should you care?

FDSFSCURA is the mnemonic for the nine test techniques that we identify in the course. It comes from James Bach’s Heuristic Test Strategy Model. It stands for

Function Testing
Domain Testing
Stress Testing
Flow Testing
Scenario Testing
Claims Testing
User Testing
Risk-based Testing
Automatic Testing

You can read a lot more about the Heuristic Test Strategy Model and its some of its applications in various places–predominantly on James’ Web site and in my articles for Better Software.

Oh–and the mnemonic? It’s pronounced FEDs-fa-Skew-ra. It was the cry of the Roman soldiers as they stormed across the field of battle. It’s Latin for “my sandals hurt.” (Here’s a heuristic: the dumber the mnemonic, the more memorable it is.)

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4 responses to “FDSFSCURA?!”

  1. Rosie Sherry says:

    The issue I struggle with is the fact that most of James’ (or Rapid Software Testing) information is in PDF files. This makes it much harder to search for information. I often find myself spending too much time searching for exactly what I am after.

    I feel the information (generously provided) would be much more beneficial in web/html format.

    Rosie Sherry

  2. samuel says:

    Here is something I thought of to remember this

    Future Devices Should be Free, Special, Comfortable, User friendly And Robust

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