Blog: The Braidy Tester Takes RST

I first noticed Michael Hunter‘s blog a couple of years back. Michael’s blog was the most thoughtful and valuable work I had seen on testing coming from Microsoft, and it has only got better since then.

I found out that Michael would be at SD West 2005. I wasn’t able to attend the conference–I was teaching in Sunnyvale that week. However, a a large number of my pals–colleagues involved with the AYE Conference, the SHAPE Forum, and other projects initiated by Jerry Weinberg–were in town for the conference. We had arranged to meet for dinner, and I thought that Michael would be a good fit, so I invited him. After that, we kept an active correspondence, and met again at STAR East 2006, where Michael shared Best Paper honours with Vipul Kocher, another friend. At the conference, I ran Michael through a couple of the exercises from the Rapid Software Testing course.

I was honoured to have Michael attend the recent public session of Rapid Software Testing in Toronto (January 9-11, 2007), and I was even more honoured by his comments on the course.

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