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I have no good explanation for why, until today, I hadn’t added Mike Kelly to the list of people that I respect.


Mike is President of the Association for Software Testing, a terrific, articulate, and (*ahem!*) regular blogger. He’s one of the small-but-growing group of passionate advocates for real tester skill. He’s engaged with the creation of Open Certification for Software Testers, which even I might be able to endorse. He also contributes to the community via the Indianapolis Workshops on Software Testing and the AST. For me, he and his wife Amy were a couple of highlights of Consultants’ Camp this year.

If you’re interested in some really solid thinking and writing about testing, I’d recommend that you check out his blog at

Want to know more? Learn about upcoming Rapid Software Testing classes here.

One response to “Get to know Mike Kelly”

  1. Pradeep Soundararajan says:

    Thanks Michael. I was quite impressed by just reading one post of Mike’s “Imagine yourself sitting at a computer”.

    Now, that is one more resource for me to reach to your position 😀

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