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Mark Federman is the author (with Derrick deKerckhove) of McLuhan for Managers, a wonderfully accessible book on McLuhan’s principles applied to more recent ideas about technological innovation.

Mark was the first person to point me to this (, which I anticipate will shortly be all over the Web. Although I can see his comments in my aggregator, I can’t see them on his blog yet. To sum them up: the use of any old technology is “obvious” to those of us who are grounded in it, and not at all obvious to those who are coming at it for the first time.

One risk for testers and other members of a project team is that we get to learn about the product early, and that learning gets subsumed into notions of obviousness. Such notions can threaten the quality of our testing. Revisiting our user models with fresh eyes, fresh perspectives, and fresh scenarios is one antidote; can we think of others?

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